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How Brighter Together started..

After years of working in Bright Immigration, CEO Blayne Kumar wanted to apply his extensive knowledge in business, passion for technology and creative ways to give back to the community. This led to the creation of Brighter Together, a registered Canadian charity that helps other Canadian charities by providing them with funding to tackle their specific problems and reach sustainable long-term solutions.

From his experience with Bright Immigration, he also wanted to provide a channel for newcomers who now call Canada a home, a way to give back to the community, through Brighter Together. All in all, this symbolizes the positive contribution that newcomers provide in society.

Now as our work continues, we hope more newcomers and even locals become involved in their communities and inspire others to do so. If you’re a newcomer or local reading this, and you’re currently giving back to your community or have in the past, comment below with your story!

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