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Together we CANada

The Brighter Together Foundation provides a warm channel for those who now call Canada home a way to give back. 

Bright Immigration has had the privilege of leading the journey to Canada for many new Canadians. Bright Immigration’s mission is to make Canada a home to all of our clients. Bright Immigration values the hard work and contributions made daily by immigrants.

Bright Immigration started the Brighter Together Foundation to shed light on and celebrate the positive impacts that immigrants make in Canada. Whether you are a newcomer or a third-generation Canadian, all of our actions matter. We recognize that Canada is a fantastic country, however we understand that there are still challenges to overcome.

Brighter Together provides the financial support to tackle problems right here in Canada. Together, we will identify the challenge, inspire a solution, and raise the funds to execute a resolution for a lasting and meaningful change. Our purpose is to help charities reach specific and practical goals to support their services and communities. 

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