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In recent years, Nellie’s has seen a dramatic shift in demographics — more women are arriving with their children to live in the shelter than ever before. 

There are many challenges with having an influx of children in the shelter. One of those is a logistical problem. More young children, means the need for more strollers at Nellie’s. 
Not only Nellie's Shelter needed more strollers, they also needed somewhere to store them. Inside the shelter wasn't an option, because they had to be left in the hallways, which was a fire and safety hazard. And outside wasn’t an ideal option either, because they risk being stolen from the yard and are subject to all weather conditions.

Brighter Together decided to step in and find a solution to Nellie’s problem. 
Our approach is solutions-based problem solving and since there was no point in giving them strollers if they were not going to be secured in a space, we had to build an outdoor shed.

This is our first project and though we had some learning curves, we were able to achieve a beautiful shed.

The team at Brighter Together tried to do the best to get the shed at lower cost and contacted a few stores. Though they were very helpful and many offered the shed at cost, we were not able to utilize any sheds due to the unique dimensions of the shed on the property.

For this reason we were able to source a local company, The Shed Installer Guys. They came highly recommended and wanted to lend a hand the best they could. They too are a small company trying to get started and their help came in a form of a positive discount. Not to mention they did a phenomenal job and was very reliable.

Started and finished on time and on schedule!

As part of our commitment to transparency, we want to provide the details about the cost of the project and any other additional items related to the finances.


         SHED - $1800.00


         INSTALLATION - $800

         ROOF SHINGLES - $100

         TOTAL: $2800 + HST = $3146.


         Donors via GoFUNDme - $1660.00 ($1608.26 after processing fees)

         Bright Immigration - $1486.00

The image on the left shows the withdrawals on Brighter Together's account on GoFundMe, relatively to the project "Bring the babies home!".

You can click on the documents to view the amount raised, the receipts and payment records for this project.

We want our supporters to know that their money is spent on the project, 100% of it.