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In recent years, Nellie’s has seen a dramatic shift in demographics — more women are arriving with their children to live in the shelter than ever before. 

Nellie’s faced many challenges in response to growing population rates. Among them, was a high demand of strollers. In addition to this challenge, Nellie’s did not have the sufficient storage space for all of their guests’ strollers. Storing strollers in hallways created a fire and safety hazard and therefore was not an option.


Brighter Together provided Nellie’s with the solution to their problem. Brighter Together funded the construction of a weather resistant shed where Nellie’s could store all of their strollers and baby gear.


The Brighter Together team understood the importance of constructing a safe, secure, and weather resistant shed for Nellie’s. The team understood and valued the idea of doing it right the first time and did not want to cut corners. Instead of prioritizing cost and seeking out the lowest option, Brighter Together worked persistently to find a local and highly recommended company: The Shed Installer Guys. The contractors delivered a phenomenal result within budget and right on schedule.   


Brighter Together is committed to maintaining transparency. All the costs relating to the construction of Nellie’s shed are as follows:


Cost Breakdown 

  • Shed - $1800.00

  • Old Shed Removal - $100

  • Installation - $800

  • Roof Shingles - $100

  • TOTAL: $2800 + HST = $3164.

 Funds raised

  • Donors via GoFUNDme - $1660.00 ($1608.25 after processing fees)

  • Bright Immigration - $1555.75


In order to raise funds for the construction of Nellie’s storage shed, the Brighter Together team set up a public GoFundMe page to raise awareness and funds for the cause. The public very generously donated a total of $1660.00.

For more information on the financial aspect of this project, please take a look at the two documents which outline all the payments that were made in relation with this project.  

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