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Youth Without Shelter (YWS) provides safe emergency shelter for homeless youth between the ages of 16 to 24. YWS provides each guest a bedroom. 


Sadly, many of these youth are fleeing abusive homes, battling substance abuse issues, and struggling with mental illnesses. As a result, these rooms and the furniture in them often become damaged. It is very costly to maintain the room, but it must be done because it is YWS’s philosophy to be a home, not just a shelter. 

To learn more about the organization click the button below and you will be redirected to Youth Without Shelter's website.


YWS understands that providing a clean and maintained bedroom is important for their client's self-esteem, growth, and feeling of dignity to be brought into a clean, maintained room. It teaches individuals that they are worth being welcomed into a maintained home. Additionally, it teaches them responsibility, they must maintain their room the way they received it.

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Brighter Together raised funds for YWS's Room Mates program. The Room Mates program provides the public with the opportunity to transform and provide on-going maintenance to a bedroom.

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Brighter Together is committed to maintaining transparency. Brighter Together funded the total cost for the maintenance to a bedroom.


Cost Breakdown 

  • Room Mates - $1,500.00

 Funds raised

  • Donors via GoFundMe - $665.00

  • GoFundMe Transaction fees - $21.69

  • Bright Immigration - $856.69


In order to raise funds for the refurbishment of a YWS's bedroom, the Brighter Together team set up a public GoFundMe page to raise awareness and funds for the cause. The public very generously donated a total of $665. We are really grateful for their support!

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