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This upcoming Tuesday, November 29th, is Giving Tuesday, a global movement that has provided millions of dollars annually. We are excited to announce that we will be participating this year, through our Canada Helps donation form. All donations made to such will go towards this month's project's funding and will be matched up to $5,000.

Figure 1

"The Land Between" is a Canadian conservation-based charity dedicated to preserving wildlife and nature to benefit Ontarians, with a strong focus on Cottage Country. Recently, they rescued Jeremiah, a 70-year-old female snapping turtle, who was severely injured when crossing the road. Unfortunately, they have limited capacity to fund the infrastructure needed to support their wildlife-in-care, which are ambassadors and teaching helpers for their community science programs.

Figure 2

“The Land Between” has a “Turtle Guardian” program which supports turtles in care that have either been injured or stolen as pets and therefore are not mobile and cannot be reintroduced into nature and are service animals, teaching kids and volunteers about turtle biology and recovery.

Turtles can regrow nerve tissue, and after six years of rehabilitation, Jeremiah has begun moving her back legs, but more time and exercise are needed. These materials are crucial to her recovery and quality of life. With your support, we can help fund everlasting projects like Jeremiah's!

Stay tuned to our social media to learn more about how you can participate in this Giving Tuesday.

Click here to read more about this campaign.

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