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Tech companies and international talent

For our monthly Immigration Matter’s story, we share how Vendasta, a software company, has employed many immigrants since 2020. With a growing software industry, there comes more competition amongst companies, which means room for talent. However, the team at Vendasta required individuals with more experience, which led to bringing employees and their families to Saskatoon.

To this day, they have brought over 21 project developers, managers, and engineers worldwide, accelerating the company’s growth (“Recruiting Global Tech Talent”). Stories like these are not only inspiring but also show the promise and potential that newcomers have in our community and industry. More importantly, this story symbolizes full circle impact within the community and industry.

To learn more about this story, click here.

Figure 1

#Immigrationmatters in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Recruiting Global Tech Talent to Support Businesses. Government of Canada / Gouvernement Du Canada, 30 Aug. 2022,

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