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Leading women in STEM, through food and beverage shelf enhancement

In honour of our monthly immigration matters feature, we wanted to share Natasha Dhayagude’s story. At age 10, Natasha moved from India to pursue her studies and passion for science and creativity. After graduating from the University of New Brunswick, she worked in an incubator accelerator center for entrepreneurs. There, she met her now co-founder and COO, Dave, who shared not only her passion for science but also science for food. Together, they created Chinova Bioworks, a biotechnology company located in Fredericton, whose mission is to protect and reduce waste through nature.

Ever since, Natasha has become a fearless leader and role model for young scientists and women around Canada, even those in Chinova themselves. Therefore, at Brighter Together, we celebrate her accomplishments and applaud her impact on her community.

Do you know of any community leaders who are role models? Comment below, we'd love to hear more about them!

“Enhancing Food and Beverage Shelf Life While Leading Women in STEM.” #ImmigrationMatters in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Government of Canada / Gouvernement Du Canada, 23 Sept. 2022,

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