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On a daily basis, the Seva Food Bank volunteers and staff engage with clients who come into the foodbank to collect food for their families. 

Many of Seva's clients suffer from a wide range of physical and mental health challenges which make them vulnerable to emergency situations. Staff often engage with clients suffering from anxiety attacks, which can appear as something more serious such as a heart attack or stroke. Without proper training, these vital differences can be more difficult to identify. Particularly since the pandemic, members of the Seva team have been faced with situations where clients need first aid support.

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Knowing what do to and how to reach responsibly in an emergency is vital. Having 15 volunteers trained in CPR and First Aid will help maintain a safe environment and will alleviate stress from Seva's operational routine. The volunteers receiving this certification will also be using them for their future career development, which supports their growth and future professional path. 



To ensure the safety of both Seva's staff and clients. Brighter Together has raised funding for first aid and emergency response training for 15 Seva volunteers. 

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Brighter Together is committed to maintaining transparency. Brighter Together and Bright Immigration funded the total cost of the training.


Cost Breakdown 

  • 1 CPR and First Aid Certification = $100

  • TOTAL: $100 x 15 = $1500

 Funds raised​​

  • 1st instalment = $1275

  • 2nd instalment = $225

  • TOTAL = $1500 


The total funds were donated by Brighter Together and Bright Immigration. We ensure that 100% of donated money will be allocated towards this project and we will cover all transactions fees, so Seva Food Bank can benefit from every cent of the money donated. 

To know more about Bright Immigration, please visit:

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