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The Land Between is a Canadian registered charity dedicated to achieving bioregionalism by conserving and strengthening wildlife and habitat in Southern Ontario. They operate through 7 program areas: Water Health, Biodiversity, Culture and Identity, Climate Change Economics and Good Governance, Education and Youth, Indigenous Projects, and Special Projects.  

Unfortunately, the organization has limited capacity to fund the infrastructure needed to support their wildlife-in-care, which are ambassadors and teaching helpers for their community science programs. Their most recent rescue Jeremiah requires special infrastructure, specifically a filtration system, traction systems and accessibility features for their Teaching Turtles program. 

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To provide The Land Between with the necessary funding to purchase the infrastructure elements necessary for Jeremiah’s wellbeing and thus continuity of the Teaching Turtles Program, integral to their organization’s operation. 

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Brighter Together will provide the funds to support the costs of the materials. This will ensure an efficient continued operation with their Teaching Turtles Program. 

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Cost Breakdown: 

  • Marine grade matting/carpeting for traction: $450.00  

  • A submerged inline filter system for the turtle tank: $200.00 

  • A moveable wheelchair ramp for navigating slopes and short stairs between inside and outside areas: $300.000 

  • Total: $950.00 

Funds to be raised: 

  • 1st installment = $425.00 

  • 2nd installment= $425.00 

  • Total= $950.00 

Thank you letter

The total funds will be donated by Brighter Together and Bright Immigration.   

We ensure that 100% of the funds donated will be allocated towards this project along with any transaction fees.    

To learn more about Bright Immigration, please click here.

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