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The Denise House is a registered charity in Canada, located in Oshawa (Ontario). It supports local women and children to have access to safe shelter, meals and social services.

The living room (where families spend a lot of their time), have futons that are not very comfortable and are difficult to clean and sanitize. In order adhere better to the Infection Prevention and Control guidelines around cleaning and sanitizing, these old futons must be replaced with something that is made of a material than can be properly wiped down and sanitized (especially during this time of pandemic). 

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Requires a new sofa with rounded arms for safety and that is manufactured from a material than can be properly wiped down and sanitized on a daily basis.


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To ensure the wellbeing of both The Denise House's staff and clients, Brighter Together raised the funding for one new seater sofa that will be much more comfortable with better health & safety considerations for the use by everyone, especially the supported women and children.


Brighter Together is committed to maintaining transparency. Brighter Together and Bright Immigration will fund the following costs:


Cost Breakdown ​

  • TOTAL: $1500

 Funds raised​​

  • 1st instalment = $1200

  • 2nd instalment = $300

  • TOTAL = $1500 

Thank You Letter

The total funds will be donated by Brighter Together and Bright Immigration. We ensure that 100% of donated money will be allocated towards this project and we will cover all transactions fees, so The Denise House can benefit from every cent of the money donated. To know more about Bright Immigration, please visit:

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