An organization that simply says “Thank you Canada”. 

The Brighter Together Initiative  provides a warm channel for those who now call Canada their home.  Whether you are a new comer or a third generation Canadian, Brighter Together allows you the opportunity to give back to this wonderful country of ours. 

Our commitment is to provide service and funding to solve problems right here in Canada. Together, we will identify the problem, inspire a solution, and raise the funds to execute a resolution for lasting and meaningful change.

Bring the Babies Home

Nellie's Women and Children Shelter


Nellie's Women's shelter has had a large influx of babies due to recent shut downs of nearby shelters. They require baby strollers and car seats to bring new born babies home. Due to limited space, there is no where to store these strollers and car seats. 


Build an outdoor shed which can be locked. This will house the baby carriers and strollers. We will also provide a few much needed strollers and carriers. 

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