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What you should know about Canada’s 2020-2021 giving trends

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

2021 was yet another year where the pandemic exacerbated existing socio-economic issues affecting the Canadian giving sector and its development. Whether it’s which payment method donors prefer, or certain types of projects emerging more than others. Canada Helps, a well-known registered charity and social enterprise released a brief 2021 review on Canadian Giving. Their review showed some favorable trends for the giving sector, but also highlighted a few downsides.

With 2022 well underway, we’d like to reflect on how several of last year’s giving trends will affect this year’s outlook and fundraising strategy. Whether you’re an interested donor, a charity, or a company representative, it’s essential you examine the following trends:

  • Focus more effort on younger generational cohorts. As younger donors begin to surface, it’s important that charities, including ours, target their marketing efforts to this audience. These efforts should include using dynamic tools like reels or using platforms like Tik Tok. Interestingly enough, they provide a chance to include informational videos on relevant topics, Q&A, before and after’s with projects, and campaign launching.

  • Work with the increased chances of retaining donors. Since more donors are making two or more donations, this provides a window of opportunity for charities to retain the donor in their first donation approach. Better yet, if you’re organization has multiple projects you can potentially benefit from this breakthrough.

  • Spread the word. Canadian Charities aren’t able to meet their present-day service demands, meaning there is an increase in funding requirement. While it’s impossible to help everyone, you can always count on the power of spreading the word amongst families, friends, colleagues about organizations. For instance, use LinkedIN to either share articles from other charities, and network!

  • Help those who don’t have the resources to do it on their own. As a charitable organization, we like to work with charities in lower-donation average areas, like Canadian North and Atlantic Canada. Consider donating or volunteering to organizations that are underrepresented.

  • Switch up your fundraising strategy. As COVID-19 slowly subsides, it’s a great chance for your organization to create “hybrid” events. These include a mix of online fundraising and in-person events. This can allow charities to connect with members of the community and bringing back a much-needed sense of unity.

We hope 2022 brings favorable trends for this sector, and more charities can benefit from the generosity amongst Canadians. Even though there is no certainty as to what this year will bring, we are determined to maximize our impact within Canadian charities and their communities. If you’d like to read more about past year giving trends, there are 2021 infographics displaying donation averages per region and a full report based on 2020’s trends.

How do you think the giving sector has changed this past year? What major changes do you expect to emerge this new year? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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