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Vlada and Marina: A story of hope

As May ends, we wanted to honour the brave Ukranian mothers who have endured extreme circumstances. Which is why we wanted to share UNICEF’s article about Vlada and her family’s journey out of Ukraine.

On March 4th, Vlada and her 8-year-old daughter along with her friend Marina and her daughter, arrived in Romania. Full of emotions, Vlada expressed the responsibility she had as a mother to care for her child’s life, as one of the main reasons why she decided to leave. Thankfully, both women leaned on each other as they continue to hope for the best. Sadly, Vlada and Marina are just several of the thousands of mothers and children who arrive daily at this same spot in Romania.

However, with every misfortune that happens in life, there is always hope, and mothers continue to prove this everyday around the world. Their bravery is an inspiration to others, and we at Brighter Together celebrate their courage. We also celebrate every mother around the world who takes on this title with love and responsibility. Everyday should be Mother's Day.

Have you heard of any inspiring stories of Ukrainian mothers? Comment below.

Grămadă, Roxana. “Ukrainian Mother: ‘Our World Was Broken’ | UNICEF Romania.” UNICEF, UNICEF, 16 Mar. 2022,

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