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Renewable and long-lasting impact

This month, we wanted to celebrate Jianyi Dong, a Chinese geologist who came to Canada in 2018. After decades in the oil and gas industry he started a new life in a small town in Alberta. Here, with his knowledge, experience, and renewable energy he created greenhouse farms able to grow year-round vegetables.

Not only that, but he also inspires others to join, volunteer and learn through YouTube seminars and volunteer enriching experiences. Moreover, he’s even become a role model for those in his field, as many colleagues have joined his cause and volunteered their knowledge. These are just some of the reasons why Jianyi represents why ‘immigration matters’ in Canada, as his impact has come full circle (“#Immigrationmatters in Olds).

See Figure 1, to learn more about the acclaimed geologist.

Figure 1

Are there any similar stories of a newcomer in Canada you’d like to share about? Comment below, we’d love to know!

“#Immigrationmatters in Olds, Alberta - Introducing New Farming Techniques to Western Canada.”, Govermnment If Canada/ Gouvernement Du Canada, 21 Apr. 2022,

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