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Refugees in Canada: A story of new beginnings and even giving back

With World Refugee Day around the corner, we wanted to share a story about Bahati Ernestine Hategekiman and provide some brief facts about Refugees in Canada over the past years. See Figure 1.

Back in June 2021, Bahati and three other Rwandan refugees arrived in Halifax, on route to New Glasgow in Pictou County. The fled the genocide taking place in their homeland and shortly after, they began working as nurses at Glen Haven Manor, a long-term care facility. Bahati said she chose to pursue nursing, because it would guarantee that she would have the necessary skills to help her community if there were ever another conflict (Levon and Sevunts).

At Brighter Together we value the diversity that refugees represent in Canada, and we praise those who inspire others to give back. Both of which this story symbolizes.

Figure 1

Do you know any refugees who inspire you to give back? Comment below, we’d love to hear more!

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