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How Immigrants are making a difference in Canadian communities

Brighter Together Foundation provides a channel to give back for those who now call Canada home. Which is why this week, we would like to pay tribute to two inspirational immigrants who have made a significant impact in their communities.

The first story we would like to shine a spotlight on is Dr. Madjid Mohseni, an engineering professor from the University of British Columbia. Originally from Iran, Dr. Madjid came to Canada in the 90’s to pursue his academic career. After learning about the lack of access to drinking water in remote indigenous communities in Canada, he created RES’EAU-WaterNET, “a research initiative that brings together experts like chemists, engineers, industry partners and economists to work with these communities to develop customized water treatment solutions” (Engineering Cleaner Water 2022). Moreover, this initiative also connects local community members with experts to find the right solution for their communities. However, his impact does not stop there. As a professor, he also motivates his graduate students to get involved in these types of projects, as it allows them to gain hands-on experience with the Indigenous communities allow them to develop greater cultural awareness (Engineering Cleaner Water 2022).

Another individual worth recognizing is Chetan and Roshni Bahl, a married couple originally from India who own Edmonton's Heart to Home Meals. This food delivery franchise processes orders and delivers meals to the most vulnerable seniors in Edmonton. But what makes this company stand out? Well according to their clients, it is the “employee’s concern for their customers’ welfare”(Serving Edmonton’s Seniors 2022). This concern symbolizes the core values ingrained in the two franchise leaders, who were taught from an early age, the importance of feeding and caring for people, especially seniors. Since launching in July 2016, the franchise has grown 170% year after year (Serving Edmonton’s Seniors 2022).

These are just a few of the many inspiring stories of newcomers making an impact in Canada’s most vulnerable communities. At Brighter Together, we value the numerous immigrants who make a difference and inspire others to get involved. If you’d like to read more stories like these, click here!

Do you know any inspiring leaders in your community? Comment below, we would love to hear about it.

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