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How a folk dance unites Canadians and Newcomers

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

For our monthly #immigrationmatters story, we are shining a bright light on Gurdeep Pandher, a Bhangra dancer and motivational speaker. In 2006, Gurdeep migrated to Canada, specifically Yukon, where he united his love for welcoming communities, nature and dancing summer camps and regular community visits, including schools. Gurdeep has also attracted tourists to visit Yukon, as many of his dancing videos are filmed within powerful Yukon nature landmarks (#Immigrationmatters in Whitehorse, Yukon).

All things considered, Gurdeep’s talent, passion and love for community, dance and nature, accurately depict many of the reasons why immigrants are an enriching addition to our great country.

To learn more about Gurdeep and his story click here!

“#Immigrationmatters in Whitehorse, Yukon - Bringing Communities and Cultures Together through Bhangra.”, Government of Canada / Gouvernement Du Canada, 2 Aug. 2022,

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