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How 5 women in British Columbia are breaking the bias

As March comes to end, we'd like to take the last chance to honour some women who have paved the way in breaking the bias. Global News Canada recently released their article “International Women’s Day: Meet 5 extraordinary advocates working to uplift women in B.C.” (McShreffey). It honours Nataizya Mukwavi, Adaeze Oputa, w̓úm̓xλaqs, Rabiah Dhaliwal, and Grace Lore, who fight for other’s rights and empowering women around British Columbia.

With so much diversity, brilliance, passion, we applaud these women. Each tackle the underlying issues within women’s rights like race, sexual orientation, minorities, gender violence, by discovering ways in which women get the respect they deserve. We’d like to specifically applaud w̓úm̓xλaqs, who has “focused on wrapping the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community into advocacy for Indigenous women”. She is also currently the women’s representative for the British Columbia Assembly of First Nations and the Heilstuk Nation Councillor (McSheffrey). We admire her dedication towards fighting for women, as her intersectional approach includes advocating for indigenous women. The gender barrier in this group does not get the attention that many argue they should. But thanks to w̓úm̓xλaqs, indigenous women in British Columbia can feel like they have a voice and the right to lead a tribe, for instance. Her fight has only just begun, as she will work towards executing the national action plan for ending violence against all indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+ individuals, in all levels of the government.

Her passion and confidence can inspire other women to address their voice and even move more women to make a difference in their community. At Brighter Together Foundation, we value not only inspiration, but also diversity, and compassion, all of which these 5 women symbolize. All in all, this group of women prove that women are a force to reckon with, and we will forever admire every single woman in the world.

From the 5 women mentioned in this article, who inspires you the most and why? Who is the woman you admire the most? Comment below and tell us why! We would love to hear about it.

McSheffrey, Elizabeth. “International Women's Day: Meet 5 Extraordinary Advocates Working to Uplift Women in B.C.” Global News, Global News, 8 Mar. 2022,

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