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Civic Day: A day for all Canadians

This past Monday many provinces around Canada celebrated Civic Day, meaning a day off for millions of Canadians. However, few know much more about this holiday.

According to National Today “the true meaning behind this annual observance is to honor John Graves Simcoe in Ontario”. Simcoe was the first lieutenant governor of Upper Canada, which is now known as Ontario, and established the founding place of modern Toronto, known as the landmark of Fort York. Moreover, each province has a unique way of how they reference this holiday, and even how they celebrate it. For instance, in Nova Scotia it’s known as Natal Day, and in Manitoba, Terry Fox Day (Civic Holiday). See Figure 1 for more.

All in all, this holiday provides a great opportunity to bring people together, growing our community and even honouring model citizens.

Figure 1

Do you celebrate “Civic Day”? Comment below, we’d love to hear about it.

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