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Chef Hans, a true inspiration to all...

With Canada Day just around the corner, we wanted to share Hans Anderegg’s story, a world-renowned chef who left Switzerland in the 1970’s to continue his dream in Prince Edward Island. Thanks to his contributions to the gastronomy sector, he has left our country’s name amongst the most successful and respected chefs out there.

However, his story’s impact does not end there. Hans is also regularly active in his community as he often fundraises for local initiatives and helping the younger generation of chefs. Even so, he is referred to as a “model citizen” by Chef Clement, a former leader of Scouts Canada.

Overall, Chef Hans has trailblazed through endless accomplishments while still making sure to contribute to his local community, but also inspire future generations of chefs.

Do you know of any local talent like Chef Hans, worth sharing about? Comment below, we would love to know! To learn more about this story click here.

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